Step By Step Installation Instructions

Step #1

Measure Framing Size and mark off locations for walls and hydraulic pumps as well as locations for the concrete slabs needed to support the Hydraulics. 

 Step #2

Put frame together piece by piece making sure all pieces fit.

 Step #3

  1. Take roll of panda paper and setup on one side of the greenhouse on the roof by hanging roll on a bar.
  2. Roll out covering all the way down the spine of the top of the roof of the greenhouse.
  3. Before attaching roof covering to sides make sure all sides of metal frame are flush and no corners are jagged as they will rip the material.
  4. On Each Corner of the Greenhouse make sure that the stud nearest each corner is spaced 2′ away from each corner.
  5. Pull left side of covering down to the ground then affix in place with metal springs that will fit into the bottom outside rail.
  6. Pull right side of covering down to the ground and then affix in place with metal springs that fit into the bottom outside rail.
 Step #4

Screw  plastic walls down to each side of the greenhouse.

Step #5

Dig (2) 2′ Square Foot by 3′  Foot deep holes on each side of the greenhouse closest to the wall that can fit a concrete slab for the hydraulic light deprivation setup. 

 Step #6

Make sure the black light gutter overhangs so there is no light leakage.

 Step #7

Coming Soon.

 Step #8

Coming Soon.



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